Move-Out Process

Move-Out Process

Step 1

You must notify us in writing of your intent to move no less than sixty (60) days prior to move out.

Step 2

Easy steps to follow to help maximize your deposit return and avoid costly fees:

  • CLEANING: Leave the property clean and free of debris/belongings inside and out. This includes appliances, sinks, toilets, bath tubs, showers, floors, vanities, light fixtures, fireplaces, removal of cobwebs inside and out, windows inside and out, window sills and door casings, mini-blinds, drawers, and shelves,etc. Leaving a property excessively dirty is not considered normal wear and tear.
  • TRASH: Do not leave trash that exceeds the normal pickup, you must arrange to have it hauled away. All other trash is to be placed within the trash receptacles for normal trash removal.
  • CARPET: Our lease addendum states that you are responsible for having the carpet professionally cleaned upon move-out. Most of our carpets have a 5-year wear rating - you will not be charged for standard wear and tear. Stains, burns, and pet odor are not normal wear and tear. If the carpets are so badly stained or damaged that we must replace them, you will be charged the cost of the new carpet on a pro-rated basis. For example, if you live in a property for one (1) year, but the carpet is damaged so badly that we must replace it, you would be charged for the four (4) years of remaining carpet life. If you live in the property five (5) years or more, you would not be charged any carpet costs.
  • PAINTING: You may hire a professional to touch up paint. Do not spackle, putty, or touch up paint unless absolutely sure the paint will match. If your painter is not careful or it doesn't match, you will be charged for unnecessary painting/repairs. Please call our office for the exact paint color! Charges for painting depend on length of time in the property and whether it exceeds normal wear and tear.
  • DRAPERIES: You are not expected to clean draperies unless they are stained. Do not wash draperies; they must be dry cleaned.
  • LIGHT BULBS, FILTERS, SMOKE DETECTOR BATTERIES, DOOR STOPS: These items must be in place and working or you will be charged. Please replace any of these missing items.
  • PEST CONTROL: If the property is found to have an excess of ants, roaches, spiders, fleas, cobwebs, etc, you may be responsible for professional extermination upon move-out.
  • LANDSCAPE: Please follow your lease agreement. The outside lawn, trees, and shrubs are to be neatly mowed, trimmed, pruned, and watered, and all trash, debris, and grease on concrete to be removed. Any animal droppings are to be picked up and removed.

Step 3

Return all keys, garage door remotes, pool cards, gate keys, etc. to our office immediately upon move-out to prevent being charged for missing items. Also, don't forget to have your utilities turned off.

Step 4

Provide us with a forwarding address!

Step 5

After you have moved out and returned keys, we will do a thorough walk-through inspection with documentation and photographs to assess any damages beyond normal wear and tear. After the inspection process is complete, we will mail out your deposit statement and check (if applicable), within 30 days of move out.