Question #1

What kind of background checks do you do? Is damaged credit a big issue?

We will do a number of checks including: credit, criminal, utility bill, reverse phone, tax record, landlord history and employment. We follow the guidelines provided by Texas landlord/tenant law and the credit bureaus. Good rental history is weighted heavily. However, damaged credit alone will not disqualify you. For more information on screening criteria please call our office.

Question #2

I have a maintenance problem but I'm afraid that if I report it I'll get charged!

Report the problem. If it is something that was directly caused by you or your guests, you are responsible for the repair. However, not repairing the issue can often cause more damage to the property, which means even more cost to you down the road. Homes are built with many, many components that wear down over time and with use. Property code prohibits tenants being charged for items that wear out or break during normal course of use. You will find that most landlords appreciate your diligence with regards to the care of their home and will very often make maintenance exceptions for exceptional tenants.

Question #3

Can I paint the house or do other modifications/repairs myself?

In most cases NO, not without prior approval. If repairs are done improperly, you would be held liable for the cost to correct. If the owner has to repaint the walls because of a bad paint job, you would be responsible for the cost. There are some exceptions, so please call our office if you have questions concerning painting/repairs/modifications.

Question #4

Can I deduct my security deposit from the last month's rent?

No. Your security deposit cannot be used as rent. If you do this, you can be held liable for several other charges in addition to the rent.

Question #5

How do I get my deposit back?

Please visit the Move-Out Process page for step-by-step details.

Question #6

When is rent late?

Rent is considered late after the 3rd of the month. Late fees will be detailed in your lease.

Question #7

I've run into unexpected financial difficulties. Will the landlord work with me?

The owner is under no obligation to make rent concessions. However, we understand that issues may arise from time to time. In general, if you have a "curable" reason for being late, the ability to cure that issue, and a close and definite time frame to cure it, the owner may be willing to make payment accommodations. Please call our office to discuss.

Question #8

What are your hours? What if I have an after-hours maintenance emergency?

We are always open and anxious to help. Call any time! 210-535-1355